Issue 7, audio edition

I forgot to include the link to the audio edition of Issue 7 in the email I circulated earlier.

I also forgot to remind annual subscribers that to get a free signed copy of my paperback, you need to fill out the Google form below (if for some reason you cannot get it to work, just email me on hjoycegender [at] Remember to use the email you signed up with!

And finally, I forgot to say that next week there will not be a newsletter , partly because of the double public holiday for the Jubilee celebrations, but mostly because one of my sisters is getting married.

That’s a lot of “forgots”. Sorry! To make up for it, a reminder: next Monday, 30th May, at 7.30pm London time, I will be moderating a discussion with Ross Tucker and Emma Hilton, on the science behind female-only sporting categories. It’s free, but you need to sign up via Eventbrite.

Normal service will resume in two weeks’ time (and in the meantime I’ll start posting out books...).

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